Forensic Services

Child Custody Evaluations - Per the American Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, a Child Custody Evaluations is:


- An assessment of the needs of your children and each parent’s ability to meet those needs


- Directed toward helping your family make a positive adjustment to divorce


- Attentive to past events, present resources, and future needs of the family


- Concerned with the strengths and weaknesses of both parents


- Focused on the “best interests” of children


Psychological Evaluations - Courts sometimes recommend that individuals participate in psychological evaluations in order to address psycholegal issues, in either civil or criminal matters


- Child Interviews - When parents disagree about a major parenting decision, child interviews are utilized as a venue to provide kids with a voice regarding this decision.  Children are never asked to choose between parents’ desires, as to avoid placing them in a loyalty bind.  


- Parent/Child Reunification - When children express a strong preference for one parent, or refuse to see a parent, Parent/Child Reunification services are utilized in order to restore positive parent/child relationships


- Parenting Coordination - Parenting Coordination services are provided as a venue for parents to solve disputes outside of the Courtroom.  Dr. Mullin, as a Court-approved Parenting Coordinator has been granted quasi-judicial authority with regard to resolving parenting disagreements


- Competency to Stand Trial Evaluations are conducted in order to determine an individual’s ability to understand and rationally participate in the legal process

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